Hello everyone,

I am super excited that this vision has finally come to reality!

As an Artist specialized in Nail Artistry I knew I needed a platform to document and showcase more than my social media platforms already do I just didnt know how to go about it but I thank God we are here now.

There is more to Nail Artistry that a lot of people don’t know that I would love to share with you. I will also be sharing some other areas of my life that I feel will interest you.

Please comment below if there is anything you want me to talk about concerning any of the topics I have in my menu or a nail tutorial you will like to see or learn.

Please do join me on this beautiful and exciting journey as we live and discover together!

Your nail shape says a few things about you, read on to find out!

Natural nails or extensions we all have a nail shape that works for us. I have worked with several clients and I have some that are willing to try a new shape with every set and I have some that come rain or sun they are sticking to the same nail shape.

You will agree with me that when you meet someone you immediately try to form an opinion by how they look… Another way to know a bit about a person is through their nail shape shocking right?! Your nail shape says a lot about you which are often times accurate. Here is a compilation of the different nail shapes and what they say about you, lets get right into it!

Square nails

You prefer comfort and chill to anything dramatic. You are a bit stubborn and you don’t like change very much and would rather opt for a movie and chill in bed to trying a new spot in town. You don’t mind doing things one way for a long period of time.


You are a bit more laid back and easy going, easy to please. Easy to talk to and flow well with people. You have a  great sense of humour. Flexible thinking, quite indifferent about change.


Classic, practical and easy. You like simplicity and seeks peace and harmony. You are very consistent. This shape also seems to be the go to shape.


Poised and sophisticated, you are orderly and your make up and outfit weirdly stays perfect all day long. Non-aggressive and you avoid confrontation. Just like your personality you are drawn to anything elegant and classy. This nail shape is super low maintenance.


You are quite adventurous but practical, you are the girl to go out with a change of shoes or outfit just in case… loves to try new and creative things but always cautious. Classy yet demure. Your taste and style is modern and quality.


You are confident and feminine, your style is edgy and chic but still practical. This shape can be worn by almost every woman but is quite difficult to maintain. You find some nails turning into almond some weeks into your manicure for some weird reasons.


Innovative, creative, free spirited and adventurous. You like the spotlight; you love to turn heads with your style. You are not afraid to be yourself. With stiletto nails typing and texting becomes almost impossible but the mere sight of your nails is satisfaction enough to keep going. They say women who wear stiletto nails do little or nothing with their hands do you agree?

Which nail shape(s) best describe you and what shape are you wearing now? For me my nail shape depends on my mood, sometimes i’m feeling squoval, sometimes stilettos but you would typically find me wearing almond most of the time.





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Hi there, I'm Abimbola, A Certified Nail Artist, Nails and Lifestyle blogger. I will be sharing professional nail care tips, my journey as a Nail Artist, faith based topics, product review and lifestyle tips. Check my about page for more information. I'm happy to have you join me!


  1. When I first stumbled on your page,my love for nail art grew speedily that I immediately wanted to be your student, still on it though… But your whole or most works I do have on my phone make my siblings ask questions…. But I have them as a point of contact…. Grace ma’am

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  2. I really agree with the stilettos mostly😊 I’m an oval person but I sort of can relate to the square and squoval.. Nice write up.. I actually opened it for the giveaway🙈🙈(first I would ever participate in) but your write up is really engaging.. I enjoyed it😬😬.. waiting on the next one


    1. I know right, i can relate with more than one shape too, i am glad you did no shame in this game lol , thank you very much i appreciate.
      Please let me know if there is anything on nails, faith or anything in general you would like me to write about or any questions you have on nails
      will be happy to do a post on it. xoxo


  3. Nice blog you have here😍😍. Have been your follower on Instagram for a while now….. Your work is unique and exquisite 😘. Keep it up!!!


  4. Hey Bimbo! Congratulations 🎈 This is a really good idea. Just remember that consistency is key. I recommend this new TV show “CLAWS”. I guess you will like it. It’s about this really good nail specialist and her life. Happy for you girl😘


  5. Amazing stuff👏. Plus your nail arts are amazing. Just followed your blog and I have a good feeling about your giveaway💜💜


  6. I don’t think my first comment posted😳. This is soo awesome!!. I’m a square/squoval kind of girl and this hit the nail on the head. Very accurate.
    Instagram: @mc_shelle
    Please follow me!!


  7. I love your post. I’m a squoval/square girl and this hits the nail on the head.
    Instagram: mc_shelle
    Please follow me. What you’re doing is amazing


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