I was having drinks with my friend Ellen (Shalla Ellen!❤) and we got talking about relationships, I was sharing my experience and then I said “THERE IS NO RELATIONSHIP STATUS CALLED “IN BETWEEN” it just came out at that time it made so much sense she said she wanted to write it down, it made so much sense and it still does even now.

The fact is that it took me a while to realize what I just easily said! I have been privileged to speak to quite a number of women on relationships and marriage and to share my journey and all the Holy Spirit constantly revels to me in this season as am ‘Intentionally waiting’. (We are going to get to that in part II).

I am glad God gave me this blog as a platform to bless others so I have complied in two parts some of the things the Holy Spirit has taught me for this season and I am more than happy to share with you all. Read and be blessed. Also don’t forget to comment, let’s discuss I would love to hear from you on waiting God’s way, if you have any questions concerning this topic or anything else please send me a mail, my contact is in my about page. God bless you❤


They say that the heart chooses who ever it desires… I get that but can I also say that you have the power to teach your heart so it doesn’t lead you into trouble.

Most single men and women would agree with me that there has probably been a time when you were just “chilling” with someone because you both feel something for each other but one of the both parties isn’t quite ready for commitment yet and there is some level of entitlement but no title, but instead of walking away or rather because it would hurt to death to walk away you will rather stay and live in the moment.

There is no crime in been hopeful, positive or patient, but there comes a time when you have to sit back and check yourself, many times you find that you are living in an unending circle of the same thing.

I have but down some phases to help move out of this state. I understand how difficult this may be, it may take days, months even years to finally get out of this no status “status”. I hope these steps help you get there faster.




When I say confrontation I don’t mean like a physical fight, I mean more like a proper adult conversation on the phase of life each party is and if you both are ready to give what either party is asking. If not, then you can be sure you have your answer.


You might feel like a little more trying, nudging or hoping would bring forth a positive outcome, it ok not to give up easily but it is wisdom to know when to back out and accept within yourself that just maybe it’s not the right time or the right person.


This is one of the most important phase, many people avoid phase 1 because they are afraid of this phase, they can’t stomach the reality but you see anything that has a beginning has an end more so if it wasn’t yielding anything profitable. You have to let yourself heal, one major thing that helps me is prayer, the assurance that I have spoken to God about it makes me feel a whole lot better and helps me heal faster because I know I didn’t have the power to change anything so why don’t I just surrender to the God who has the power. It ok to cry if you want to but very quickly like you fell get back up it not the end, its only a means to the beautiful end of your single life.


Look through yourself and try to give your self what you feel you might be missing. Like we all know if you can’t love yourself you cannot properly love someone else. Do things that make you happy and try to fill whatever void you might feel inside. I was listening to a message by Bishop T. D. Jakes and he said one of the mistake singles make is living their lives saying they are looking for their “other half” as they are incomplete, but he said YOU ARE COMPLETE! God made you whole in all areas of your life you don’t need another human to live the best of your life. When your partner come they will “COMPLEMENT YOU”, whatever you have already built for yourself as an individual.

After you feel you have successfully passed these phases we would talk more in Part II in my next blog post.

Thank you for reading.





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