One of my favorite nail art of all times is the dry brush nail art technique.
It is quick, fun and colorful.


  1. Paint two coats of white and glitter (Optional) on any finger you prefer
  2. Using any color of your choice wipe the polish brush on a clean surface till there is very little paint left, then sweep the brush on the nail a couple of times till you get your desired result
  3. Add multiple colors if you want, but note that the lesser the colors the more visible the effect
  4. Draw on any desired nail art design using any nail art paint I used black acrylic paint but keep it simple to prevent covering the entire design
  5. Finish up with a good layer of top coat or two.


  • Make sure the base polish dries well so you don’t end up creating a marble effect instead (which isn’t so bad now is it?) but that’s not what we are going for.
  • You can use any base color but I prefer to use a white because it makes the colors pop more and also allows me to use any color of choice. Nude isn’t a bad idea also.

I am a huge fan of Abstract art, you will be seeing more of that, I was so tempted to leave the nails like this because it already looks beautiful but then if you can add more colors, why not!☺️

Then I added this bright blue and I though why not draw a simple nail art design..? Thank God i stopped there lol😅

P.s- Please ignore that little smear on my middle finger (the struggle!)🤦🏽‍♀️


  • Kiko Polish – 295
  • Next glitter – Cha Cha Cha
  • Color Club – All that razz
  • Zoya – White
  • Orly Top coat
  • Thin nail art brush
  • Acrylic paint

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Hi there, I'm Abimbola, A Certified Nail Artist, Nails and Lifestyle blogger. I will be sharing professional nail care tips, my journey as a Nail Artist, faith based topics, product review and lifestyle tips. Check my about page for more information. I'm happy to have you join me!

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