Hi guys, seeing that I like to visit cool spots and restaurants I decided to share my experience with you all starting with this review.  Even though the restaurant isn’t so new it was my first time there, after seeing a lot of pictures online I had to go experience it for myself.

Quick back story, Sugarcane wasn’t actually our initial destination, we ( my best friend- Bisola and I) went to HSC Gourmet Cuisine in Lekki Phase 1 first but we thought the menu was a bit limited which was quite understandable for a “gourmet cuisine” I guess, can’t really remember all the things on the menu but it was a 2-3 sheets menu and we just didn’t want to settle plus we were hungry and not about to ‘manage’ when we have other options so we left.

How was the food?

While we were deciding on what to get we were given a jar of cinnamon popcorn, drinks came right after and in less than 20 minutes the food arrived.

I had the Chicken and waffles sandwich and chips with a side of plantain (I am a proud plantain lover) and Bisola had the Cheese burger with chips.

By the time I was done with one of the sandwich and plantain I was completely stuffed I had to request for a take away for the rest.

The chicken was good it wasn’t too crispy and the waffles tasted fresh but the ‘buttermilk’ wasn’t enough, I was wondering if they wanted to give me at all, eating  waffles without any cream sauce or syrup is punishment! I guess that’s why I got tired quickly and it didn’t really give me the fulfilment I expected, to be fair I didn’t ask for extra sauce but I thought they should have brought it with the ketchup.

It wasn’t Bisola’s first time of ordering the Cheese burger and she says she will order it again so I guess that sums up the burger!


Generally I would say it was good,  the waiter was friendly and was happy to give us extra ice and lemon for our drink; this is a big deal for some other restaurants so I was pleased with that.

Also I thought their little food accessories were cute and thoughtful


Cool, warm and spacious with this rusty undone but polished and classy vibe. If you know me you know I have a thing for marbles, lines, shapes and colors, the black and white with a pop of yellow… love!

I also liked that no one was in my face and I wasn’t forced to listen to some conversation from another table that was probably too close to me (the little things that put me off in some restaurants).

The walk way to the patio and the patio itself is a vibe! I couldn’t resist a mini photoshoot there.


I have been to quite a number of restaurants home and abroad and Sugarcane was the first I had been in Lagos that has a Valet parking not just a security guard, so when they need to move your car they don’t interrupt your dining.


I can’t recall the exact amount but we paid around 7000-7500 each which I thought was fair for what we had.

Thanks for reading.

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