Color Club Coated Nail Polish

I was looking forward to trying this one coat nail polish, but to be honest it wasn’t a one coat polish, it isn’t opaque in one coat, which was quite disappointing for me.

Take me to your Chateau is a bright pastel blue, for this polish I had to do two coats to get a good coverage, I guess it’s yet another ‘label’ to get us to buy and it worked. I must say that the colors are fun and bright and not the regular colors we normally get, the whole collection I would say is more of a neon collection. I am just glad I didn’t purchase the whole collection because of the “one coated” label I would have been upset, I will swatch the second color I got in another blog post.

Another thing to note is that the color of the bottle isn’t the same color of the formula in the bottle, over all I will say the polish is okay, for me the brightness covered up for it not been as opaque in one coated as they said it would be.

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