There are some places you go and the ambience immediately gets you feeling inspired and creatively motivated, The Tea Room is definitely one of those. You can hardly keep your camera away, you almost forget you came for the food too! The attention to details and the creativity that went into this space is commendable.

Restaurants in Lagos

Let’s get to the food and drinks… I went there for a business meeting with my business partners and friends so we get to have three people’s opinion on the menu…

Aesthetically pleasing restaurants in Lagos
Food blogger in Lagos Nigeria, Food flatlay, Lifestyle blogger in Lagos

Started with the drinks, my friend and I had wild berry smoothie and I must say that was my favorite thing from my order, it was very rich and nice. We also ordered the strawberry lagarita, she liked it and said it tastes like a “sweet strawberry beer”, she recommended that if you don’t like beer or if you don’t fancy drinking a lot you might not like it and it might be too strong for you.

Wild Strawberry smoothie
Strawberry Lagarita

Content creator life… I was trying to get a good picture of my friends’ food and a good flat lay before they started eating I forgot to take a picture of my own food until later but I had the Tuna melt panini that came with chips, there wasn’t much to my food really, it was just a regular panini, it had black olives which I am not a fan of but I would have made a mess if I had to pick out every piece. Overall it was ok, the chips was tasty which I liked.
Ayo had the Chicken pesto pasta she had this to say “the pasta was really good, the sauce was creamy, there was a good balance of pepper and cream, the pesto was really evident in the pasta but I think the portion size was quite small for the price, I have had bigger portions. The smoothie tasted really good I really enjoyed it, I would come back again”.

Pesto Pasta in Lagos

Moji had the fried chicken waffles, “It was nice, the waffles had too much of a cake like texture to it but the chicken was good, it also came with fries which was a plus and it came with a creamy sauce that tasted really good, overall I would give it a 3/5”.

Lagos restaurants, fried chicken waffles
Where to eat in Lagos

Overall we enjoyed ourselves, I liked the vibe, the food was good, reasonable price and a plus that we were allowed to freely take pictures and record videos. The service was good, the staff were friendly and welcoming. I will endeavour to get familiar with a restaurant’s menu before going in and I will advice the same if you are particular about your food like me. I will go back again. BillTuna Melt Panini- 3500Fried Chicken Waffles- 4500Pesto Chicken- 5000Wild Berry Smoothie- 3000Strawberry Lagarita- 5000


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