BRIEF INFORMATION ABOUT THE BRAND EMILIO PUCCIIn 1947, Emilio designed a streamlined ski outfit for himself and his friends and was photographed by a fashion photographer who published it in Harper’s Bazaar USA which brought the fashion mogul to lime light.

“Emilio Pucci’s legacy continues to be a seminal force behind the birth of the “made in Italy” style and a milestone in Italy’s luxury sportswear concept”. The Emilio Pucci brand is renown for its signature prints, joyful color combinations and “made in Italy” luxury fashions. “Pucci was driven by the desire to liberate women granting them unprecedented freedom of movement. His designs featured sensual, free-flowing lines that followed the natural curves of the body. He has been a major influence in contemporary fashion even after his passing in 1992 and his daughter taking over.
Wavy lines, summery colors, and metallic leather are the main features of Florence Bag.

This design was exciting to create because I had the exact shade of nail polishes in my collection.
The details and the combination of the green metallic color with the shades of blue and white lines tapped at the corners makes this design very catchy and makes the bag attractive at its first glance.

Here are some other pictures from the collection that caught my attention.Clearly one of the goals of this collection is sensual, free-flowing lines that followed the natural curves of the body, dreamy, underwater blues and ray of bright lights which was very well captured.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has inspired you to step out of the box in search of inspiration.


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