Taking good care of your skin has become something that isn’t compromised anymore, and with the amount of skin care products available – both foreign and locally made, and bloggers like Tosin who make choosing the best options easy, there is no reason not to have flawless skin.
Tosin Olaniyi is a Nigerian Digital Storyteller and Marketing/Advertising Strategist based in Canada, who loves to brew communication strategies that help brands grow and attract their target audience. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication from Babcock University, Google Certified in Online Marketing Fundamentals and is currently pursuing a Post – Graduate Degree in Advertising- Media Management. 

Curious about why Tosin went into skin care blogging… It was majorly because I wanted clear skin, I didn’t want to have to cover my skin with make up. I realized I wasn’t the only one going through skin issues so I decided to start documenting and sharing the knowledge and my journey to better skin.Also, when I started I noticed that there was a market for skin care bloggers from the response I got from brands. More so, when it comes to skin care blogging, there was no major name attached to that area so I decided to carve a niche for myself.You can find her Instagram here.
SKIN CARE PRODUCTSPeople have different skin types so what works for one might not work for the other person. I have normal skin so this recommendation will be based on normal skin to dry skin.Here’s the order of my skin care routines…Face wash, scrub, toner (rose water can be used in place of toner), serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and finally I seal everything up with Rose water again.
Let’s dive right in!First is Facial kit from NaturaGlowbyAbby which consists of the Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub and Facial Toner.

Other products I use include…Black Head Power Liquid This black head power liquid can be used in place of the scrub because some people prefer the chemical exfoliant than the physical sugar like scrubs.

Black Head Power Liquid

Ultimate Nourishing Rice MaskTo moisturise I use this ultimate nourishing rice, I like this moisturizer because it has the texture of a lightweight cream, it absorbs easily, so it can also be used as a regular daytime or night time moisturizer.

Ultimate Nourishing Rice Mask

Ayele Sunflower SerumThis serum is more oil-based and it helps to even out skin tones, unclogs your pores and reduces break out.

Ayele Sunflower Serum

Pure Healthy Brightening SerumThis serum is lightweight, absorbs quickly into the skin and reduces the intensity of dark spots.

Pure Healthy Brightening Serum


Miniso suncreen SPF 30+

Though these products are for normal-dry skin, she gave us 5 tips about skin care that cuts across all skin types·             Know your skin type. This helps you to know the exact products that are perfect for your skin type.·             When washing your face, make sure to wash for a complete 1 minute (60seconds) before rinsing it off. This gives you smoother skin.·             Never deprive your skin of moisture, no matter what skin type you have. ·             Never skip sunscreen when leaving your house during the day.·             Great skin takes consistency. The best products won’t work if you are not consistent.
THE NAILSWe decided to go with a summery look which is bright, fun and colorful and added a little jazz with the half moon nail design.

Summer Nails

Neon yellow nails
Half moon neon nails

My skin will definitely thank me as I start to do some of the things I have learnt, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed chatting over this beautiful manicure.
Thank you.


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Hi there, I'm Abimbola, A Certified Nail Artist, Nails and Lifestyle blogger. I will be sharing professional nail care tips, my journey as a Nail Artist, faith based topics, product review and lifestyle tips. Check my about page for more information. I'm happy to have you join me!

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