Hello lovelies, I am back with another Spotlight on with Udeogu Nonye Anne popularly known as Thisthingcalledfashion. An Economics graduate turned blogger, content creator, style influencer and fashion consultant . I have always admired her passion for fashion and the way she creates her content. Her style is chic, sophisticated and embodies the sexiness of a woman without revealing too much. Nonye has successfully made a name for herself in the fashion industry and there is still so much more to see from Nonye and her brand. We had a great time chatting about blogging, fashion, essential tips for shopping on a budget and also doing one of Embellish press on nails.

ON NAILS SARAH JAMES- Do you think your manicure adds to your overall style?NONYE- Definitely, I feel like my pictures pop more when I do my nails, there is just something sophisticated about the pictures when I do my nails.
SARAH JAMES – Do you have any nail restrictions?NONYE- Yes, I don’t like my thumb nail too long because I can’t type well with long thumb nail and all my work is done on my phone.

Embellish Press on Nails

SARAH JAMES – What is your go-to nail color?NONYE- White because it is clean and classy and it’s the color I’m currently drawn to. SARAH JAMES – Where do you get your manicure inspiration from?NONYE- Majorly Pinterest.
SARAH JAMES – If you could choose to wear one color for the rest of your life what would it be?NONYE- White or black

Embellish Press on Nails

ON BLOGGING AND FASHION INFLUENCING SARAH JAMES – How did you first get into fashion blogging/style consultancy? NONYE- I have always wanted to go into fashion, I started my blog in 2016 after my youth service because I wanted a platform where I could share my love for fashion.
SARAH JAMES – When did you start to monetize your blog/services?NONYE- Going into fashion blogging I didn’t think I wanted to turn it into a business, I just did my research on how I wanted my blog to look like and I felt it was easier to enter the fashion industry through a blog because my blog will serve as a portfolio for people to see my love for fashion.
SARAH JAMES – One exciting memory you have had as a fashion influencer.NONYE- Getting interviewed by Spice TV, it’s a channel I take time to watch the shows and I really enjoy it.

SARAH JAMES – Biggest achievement so far…NONYE- Building my brand to a point where I don’t have to apply for jobs, I get to work with upcoming and very well known brands. Using my Instagram page as my CV give has granted me different opportunities.
SARAH JAMES – Biggest challenge you have had to overcome as a blogger NONYE- Been shy and actually properly posing for pictures because the way you pose can either make or break the look you are trying to portray with that outfit, also finding the perfect location for shoots and blocking out distractions.
SARAH JAMES – Challenges you face as a fashion influencer in Nigeria. NONYE- Getting international brands to work with and getting paid by them… you have to look at your audience and the accessibility of the brand. There’s always a bit of a challenge of your audience actually been able to shop from these brands. Secondly because blogging and fashion influencing is something relatively new so it’s difficult to explain my job to people most time especially my parents and their friends.

SARAH JAMES – Top Instagram tip? NONYE- Always engage with your followers regardless of the numbers, over time people would start to comment, use your captions, engage with the content of your favourite bloggers and leave comments on their pages over time they will notice you and so will other people. Also make sure you are dishing out quality pictures, that way people will remember you and want to come back to your page.

bloggers collaboration

SARAH JAMES – How do you manage working part time and been a blogger and fashion influencer?NONYE- I write my ideas as they pop in my head and develop them in my free time, that has really helped me with my content creating.

Blogger collaboration

SARAH JAMES – Do you have essential tips for shopping on a budget?NONYE- · First you have to know what you already have in your closet· Know the type of outfit you want to shop for that month · Know why you are shopping for that item e.g. corporate event, party, dinner etc. · Make a list of what you don’t have · Prioritize which is most important · Extra tip is to always check if you have what to pair the new outfit with if not it is advisable to shop in looks as paired in the store if you can afford it.

SARAH JAMES – TOP 3 INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOWNONYE- As a creative these are the pages @trevour_stuurman @Connawalker @qmike there are more but for now these 3 inspire me.
SARAH JAMES – Do you have a favourite quote you live by?NONYE- What is life without hope.

I definitely enjoyed this and learnt a few things especially the tips on shopping on a budget! I hope you can say the same.
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