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Any one working directly with customers will know that it takes skill and patience, as a business owner I have had to learn this on the job because it isn’t something taught in schools. Even though I can work under pressure I try my best to avoid it by planning well ahead, but some days are unpredictable and things can get out of your control. A personal experience… A client I was trying to squeeze in a 1 hour slot came in with extensions from another salon that needed to be dissolved and we ended up encroaching into the time of my next client and all this was with no assistance, but I was able to get both nails done even though we exceeded the time.
Here are some practical tips that have helped me so far…
Multi taskIn a case of more than one client with no assistant multi tasking is very much advisable. Shuffling between the two clients to move their service one or two steps forward, starting their service does two things; first- prevents them from getting angry and leaving because you have started working on them, secondly doesn’t make them feel neglected and completely watchful of their time.

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Discuss topics of their interestYou can break the ice by talking about a topic you know they would be interested in, this can be tricky because I have found that talking most times slows one down but also you don’t want to be quite and leave your client unengaged because this can make them restless and more conscious of time. In a studio like mine where we dot watch television (I don’t have any reservations I just prefer music because I can control what myself and my clients listen to) music definitely helps in situations where you can’t engage with them as much.
Relax and take controlI know this might sound crazy when you are on tight schedule but learning to remain calm can actually save you from careless errors. When under pressure there are things you can control and things you can’t, try not to focus on the things you can’t control so you don’t get agitated and lose confidence, relax and take control of the things you can handle. This shows a level of professionalism and good management to your clients if you can properly manage yourself and your work under pressure and still deliver quality product/service.

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Look at the pressure as an opportunityI personally have often gotten my best under pressure, this is because you are out of your comfort zone but must still deliver your best as you are being paid for it… that moment is where you have the chance to grow in your speed, flexibility, focus, maybe even learn a new approach or way to do something or even as simple as winning over a new client or impressing an existing one.

Whatever industry you find yourself these tips can also be applied.

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Hi there, I'm Abimbola, A Certified Nail Artist, Nails and Lifestyle blogger. I will be sharing professional nail care tips, my journey as a Nail Artist, faith based topics, product review and lifestyle tips. Check my about page for more information. I'm happy to have you join me!

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