Hello everyone!

I am back with another restaurant review.

Some how there is always a back story lol… My girls and I left the mainland all prepared for GTBank food fest, as we got close to the supposed venue my sister says “guys how come there isn’t any traffic this is strange”… we got there and they were still setting up apparently the event wasn’t until the next day! this was us all dolled up ready to have fun and eat till we couldn’t move lol, I don’t know how we all missed the date! We all just laughed and told the Uber to reroute to Crust and Cream, so that’s how I ended up there.


Crust and Cream is family restaurant, kids friendly, a place you can spend time with friends and family. A new menu will be available in 2 weeks and also a new grill menu for the garden outside for people to chill and hang out

-Mr Khaldoun, Floor Manager, Crust and Cream.


The ambience was nice, it was well lit with big windows and a view of the beautiful garden. The timing of the food was great considering the fact that we were 3 and it was a busy day, also the hospitality was alright, the waiters were friendly and ready to attend to us.

I also noticed that the managers came into the dinning area frequently keeping an eye on everything.

The view from my sit.


Even though it wasn’t my first time at Crust and Cream I didn’t really like what I ordered, it looked very nice when I saw the picture but I have definitely eaten a nicer and more tasty meal from them, I ordered this so I don’t have to order a side of their garlic bread that I love to have with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I had the Stir fry noodles with shrimps, like I said I didn’t enjoy my food at all, the food wasn’t well seasoned, I don’t know if they were been careful with the seasoning but I personally got tired of it quickly, all through all I was thinking was if only I was there when they were cooking this food I would have blessed the food with some maggi lol.

The garlic bread was ok, I had it with the dip olive oil and balsamic vinegar, shalla to crust and cream for not mincing their supplies, we all know olive oil is quite pricy and they almost filled the jar and shalla to my friend Seun that hooked me up with this dip mixture, you should try it, it has this tingling sour taste but let it settle in your mouth first and then chew, trust me you won’t have garlic bread any other way again.

Ope (My sister) and Bisola had the same thing Singaporean Chilli Chicken with a side of Chinese rice, here’s what they thought…

Ope –  ” I love my Singaporean chicken, it tastes amazing, the chicken is very soft and nice and it’s quite a lot, I am impressed with the portion” (actually they both counted it lol, just incase you were wondering they had 20 pieces of chicken balls).

 Bisola – “It has just the right amount of spice that tingles your taste buds and keeps you wanting more to savour the taste in your mouth, it isn’t harsh on the mouth palate”.

They both went home with take away because they couldn’t finish it.

Ope ordered a side of shrimps but she said the shrimps weren’t well seasoned just like mine, it needs some salt and maggi.

Faith(Ope’s assistant)  She had Chicken breast with a side of Chips.

Faith – The chicken is soft, nice and very filling.


Mr Khaldoun said the grill menu will be released shortly after the new restaurant menu, I can’t wait to see what they have on the menu, definitely coming back to review that, and for the shisha lovers, this is a cool evening hang out spot.


While I  ate I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful artworks on the walls all over the restaurant, this first one is my favorite, it reminds me of myself when I have my afro out, shout out to every natural hair sister out there, xx. I like how their artworks capture life in Lagos and life as an african woman, so beautiful.


Thank you for reading.