Hello lovelies!

I decided to do this fun personal post by sharing some random facts about me, I feel this will help you get to me know better and we can connect and relate more.

Enjoy reading!


Sarah James is actually my name. My middle/biblical name is Sarah and my dad’s middle/biblical is James. I get asked quite a lot if it’s just a random name I chose, but of course I have my yoruba name that most people know me by.

I enjoy washing dishes, I know it may sound strange that a young adult will like house chores well I’m that weird child. Haha.

95% of the CDs I listen to in my car are Igbo songs, I am low key obsessed with Igbo songs and dance steps even though I can’t speak the language and I don’t understand when spoken to, I want to learn some day.

I almost cannot function in a kitchen without paper towel, the little things that make me happy (paper towel).

People say it’s OCD but when things aren’t properly arranged, on a straight line or when clothes aren’t properly folded I get mini anxiety attacks and I get upset when I can’t do anything about it.

My mum brought us (my sisters and I) up to never miss celebrating our birthdays. I don’t get the people that don’t mind not having at least a cake on their birthday. Till I am 100 by God’s grace I must celebrate my birthday and I’m definitely passing that to my kids! Common, it’s the one day you can totally call your day! (Thanks Mum).

If you bet with me on a play station game you can be sure to win my money because I can’t play any of the games to save my life.

I am obsessed with beautiful views especially sunrise and sunset, I have taken so many beautiful pictures that I feel will sell if one day I decide to open a gallery (maybe in future), hence the “Love through my eyes” category on my blog. Will fill that up soon.

I almost got in trouble in Dubia for offering a baby chocolate (I was just been nice I didn’t know his parents didn’t understand English). I am obsessed with babies, almost half of my snap chat contact are mothers with toddlers, I can spend hours watching videos of babies!

I can’t swim to save the world, I really want to learn but the way some of the pools in Lagos are set up, they are more of chill spots than pools for training.

I am obsessed with nice hotel rooms, bathrooms and lobbies. If I could I would live from one hotel to the other, I have linked it to my love for things been organised because hotel rooms are always clean and organised. The goal is to make my house to a standard of a very nice hotel.

Currently the television in my bedroom is used as a board to hold prayer cards, I am not a fan of watching television, I prefer to either be on my phone, laptop or just listening to music.

I will not watch any horror movie even if I was paid to. I don’t underestimate my imaginations, I replay things in my head and images don’t leave my head quickly.

Fact: I still remember the horror movie I watched with my siblings over 10 years ago!

I enjoy eating with fork and knife even when I’m eating alone. Sometimes I’m about the prime and proper life.

I enjoy cooking and food presentation. Sometimes I just sit and day dream of nice and colorful recipes.

Of course because of my love for food presentation, I love beautiful Chinawares, I can’t wait to have a whole cupboard full of colorful chinawares.

I am not a picky eater and I don’t have a favorite food. I like to experiment and try new recipes and dishes. I intend on going to a cooking school to learn more. Foodie gang. Haha.

I am fascinated by the Ocean, I just always wonder how far it goes, how deep and the things inside. Sometimes I want to park my car on third mainland bridge and just stare at the water for hours.

One day I hope I get the courage to go scuba diving and probably get the best pictures I can keep forever!

I love to dance, I form dance routines in my head when I listen to songs.

My speaker is one of my most prized possession, I love listening to music so I had to invest in a good speaker for my own pleasure. If I cannot hear the song properly I will rather not listen at all. It low key upsets me when the music isn’t loud.

When I have my own studio and home I want to install some of the best speakers in the roof. I find that the farther the song and the bigger the space the nicer the sound. I hope I don’t sound crazy.

If I wasn’t a Nail artist I would probably be a real estate agent/ Interior decorator, basically a job that gives the license to view nice houses, hotels and offices and create beautiful room settings.

I love chewing gum regardless of any discomfort I’m feeling in my teeth/gum. I know it sounds crazy, I basically give myself sometime for the pain to relieve me and go back lol!

I don’t have a favorite color, I think of my nail polishes as my babies and parents don’t pick favorites so… for my clothes, if I could just keep the collar of my shirts clean from make up stains I will wear white shirts/tops and jeans/pants everyday!

At a point in my life I didn’t think I will have more than 2 pairs of shoes because I have wide feet. I always felt I had the ugliest school shoes back in school, thank God for exposure and the plus size brands that now make shoes for plus size women with wide feet! I have a rack full of shoes now! Trust me it’s a big deal for me. Haha.


Didn’t think I will be able to get to 25  but here we are!

I will like to hear some facts about you in the comment section, also comment if you can relate with any of these facts.


Sarah James