Color Club Coated Nail Polish

I was looking forward to trying this one coat nail polish, but to be honest it wasn’t a one coat polish, it isn’t opaque in one coat, which was quite disappointing for me.

Take me to your Chateau is a bright pastel blue, for this polish I had to do two coats to get a good coverage, I guess it’s yet another ‘label’ to get us to buy and it worked. I must say that the colors are fun and bright and not the regular colors we normally get, the whole collection I would say is more of a neon collection. I am just glad I didn’t purchase the whole collection because of the “one coated” label I would have been upset, I will swatch the second color I got in another blog post.

Another thing to note is that the color of the bottle isn’t the same color of the formula in the bottle, over all I will say the polish is okay, for me the brightness covered up for it not been as opaque in one coated as they said it would be.

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Hello everyone, Merry christmas and happy new year in advance.

This is the blog’s first christmas, cheers to many more!

You won’t believe this shoot wasn’t planned but  came out amazing, glad the props for my flat lay shoot came in handy, over all success yay! My client came in for a refill and wanted a “dark green polish”, I have always wanted to swatch this polish and take pictures and what better time than now!

To the polish, this is more like a dark military green or dark olive green color, this polish is from the Back to Boho Collection by Color Club.

Did two coats for this, the color is so rich and shinny my client and I decided to let the color shine without any nail art or embellishment.

Polish details

Color Club- Artsy Crafty, 924



Nail art stickers have been saving lives since forever! If you are a nail artist or just a nail art lover and have acquired so much stuff over the years you will agree with me that there are some things you purchased and just never used but you tell yourself that one day you will get to it then be sure you are not alone lol. I got this nail art sticker a couple of years ago from Ali express and i just never got to use it, but I’m glad it has come in handy.

If you are someone that does not like to sit for hours while your nail artist paints the world on your nails or you just want to give your ordinary manicure a new look then nail art stickers are the way to go! They are easy to use and fast also.

I particularly like this nail sticker because it captures a little of what goes on in my mind most times, just a splash of yummy and bright colors.

Lets get right into it.


  1. Apply 2 coats of white polish on all your nails and let it dry completely for about 15-20 minutes.
  2. Using a tweezer remove the design gently from the sticker sheet and place it on the nail starting from one edge to the other then gently press it down. This is to avoid air bubbles.
  3. Repeat this step on all the nails
  4. Cover the nail with 2 coats of clear top coat.


If you do not allow the white polish dry completely the stickers won’t stick properly.

You have to be pretty decisive with the placement of your stickers because the polish will be ruined if you try peeling it off.


You can trim the stickers if you want to reshape them to fit the size of your nail bed.



I used:

Zoya polish

Ali express nail sticker




It is a new week and I have got some of the Color Club Halo-Graphic polish swatches.

I have several brands of holographic polishes in my collection but for the longest time I have used the Color Club range of Halo-graphic polishes the most, these polishes aren’t exactly new releases and I have had them for quite a while but it is just as new to me when I use them because they are just so shimmery and beautiful!

The brand has several colors but these are the ones I got my hands on. I found that some of the colors of the polishes released are quite similar so I went for distinctive colors that could be easily told apart which makes more sense right…

My clients are obsessed and so am I! I decided to do proper swatches for you all to see. I hope you like them.

All the colors were done with 2 coats apart from the pink one I had to do 3 coats (that’s my fault but I won’t go into details, covers face) but you can’t tell the difference anyway and of course clear top coat.

This Purple Halo is called Eternal Beauty, what I love most about these polishes is that even when you have a dominant color you still get reflections of other colors like this has a hint of pink and light blue, I guess thats why its called Holographic. Totally love struck!

This has like a yummy bubble gum pink color to it but also the halo gives it this warm look of some burnt orange and purple effect when under the light. This one is called Miss Bliss.

Judging by the name ‘Blue Heaven’ it does look like heaven to me but also covered in Halo lol.

Lastly I have this very light shade of pink called Angelic pink.

Which one would you rock if you had to choose?
I will choose the blue holographic one.

Have a blessed week.